Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three Days Without Daddy, Day Three

The waiting is almost over. Only one more night to go.
The day went fairly well. My dentist appointment was cancelled so I had some extra time this morning. (Seems like a lot of things are being cancelled lately, I think God is trying to tell me something.) Anyway, I used my extra time to clean out the fridge. Fun times.
We went the whole day without the pacifier. We almost made it through last night, but it was used once at two am. Mommy was desperate.
Jericho informed me today that by making him pick up his toys I was "hurting his life." He also told me that he is going to go to Texas "last night." The boy has no concept of time and can't quite figure out locations too well either.
In other exciting happenings of the day, my thermometer outside reached the nice cool temp of 101. Summer is here.

Yes, he likes to pull up everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

that boy is going to hate the picture someday