Thursday, March 26, 2009


I realize that my posts have been devoid of pictures lately and I apologize. We are heading up to Oregon at the end of next week and I hope to have lots more to post then. In the mean time, if you want to see some pics of our adorable family head on over to and check out the recent sessions. Our friend, Chad, is an amazing photographer, so if you ever need pictures taken, we highly recommend him.
Okay, as far as updates go, I realize that I never mentioned how we did on the "No Spend Challenge" in February. Believe it or not, we did really well. We did have a couple lapses here and there. I spent $5 on a milk frother (which I think saved me money in the long run; I haven't been to Starbucks since!) and Justin and I both have a weakness for discounted books which cost us about $30 at the end of the month. In all we were able to save enough for two months tuition for the kiddos. It was great to pay this bill with cash on hand, even though the cost is set aside in our savings.

In other Peter's Family news, we have decided to probably home school the kids next year. We hadn't planned on doing this for the next year, but a number of things are pointing us in this direction.
For starters, the homeschooling program that we are interested in is through the kids current school. The kids would be able to come on campus for chapel days, and attend field trips with their friends. The school takes care of the record keeping, etc.
Second, we have a desire to teach our kids skills beyond academics. With our family schedule the way it is now, we don't really have time to develop other skills that the kids want and need to learn.
Third, even though they are in a "Christian" school, they are surrounded by non-Christian kids. While this has led to many different discussions concerning language, modesty, divorce, etc; we realize that our children's corrupt little hearts may be drawn more to the ungodly example in their fellow classmates. We would rather they see the gospel lived out in our daily lives and our interaction with unbelievers.
Lastly, cost. Of course it's a factor. We have always seen our children's education as being something worth sacrificing for. We still believe that, but we truly believe that they will learn better through one on one instruction. In this case, we are exchanging monetary sacrifice for personal sacrifice. While I know this will be a challenge for me, I am excited to spend more time with my kids and guide them in their quest for knowledge.

As a final update, I cut my hair off. Most of you already knew this, but if you didn't click on the link at the top to see how it looks.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eternal Perspectives (Randy Alcorn's blog): Caring for the environment: should Evangelical Christians be concerned?

I love it when God brings things into my life when I need it the most. After listening to John MacArthur's sermon (online) that he gave at the Shepherd's Conference, I desired more than ever to learn how to be a good steward with all that God has given to me, including the environment. This morning my Google Reader had the following article for me:
Eternal Perspectives (Randy Alcorn's blog): Caring for the environment: should Evangelical Christians be concerned?
I hope it blesses you as much as it did me!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shepherd's Conference

Here is a photo of Justin and two of our pastors at the Shepherd's Conference. This is Justin's third year attending. I am so thankful that he has this opportunity, even if it means taking care of four kids by myself for a few days. He always comes back so energized and encouraged. Photo is courtesy of Pastor James.
(Note for my mother-in-law: He has been very thoughtful of me in all of this. He's sent me e-cards every day with instructions to find little surprises around the house. His mother taught him well!)
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Monday, March 02, 2009

Modern Medicine

Let me start out by saying, I have issues with modern medicine. This is, of course, a result of things that I dealt with in my past. (Umm, how many people like to be hooked up to electrical monitors for days straight, take medication that makes their hair fall out, and travel to half a dozen doctors with no results?!) .
Add to that the info you read about here. Be sure to check out the possible side effects.
Finally, the latest news about the drug used to treat the flu. (I like the part that states, “The vaccine is known not to fully protect against infection.”) By the way, I am NOT anti-vaccinations, but I do think that one should definitely do their research before jumping on the vaccination band wagon. Find info on the various vaccines (from reliable sources) and see if their are other alternatives (e.g. homeopathic, naturopathic.)
All this to say, that when my kids get sick, I am reluctant to take them to the doctor. Every time that I have done so, I have regretted it. For example, my oldest son was sick with a fever and terrible cough. He woke up choking and gasping for breath. This was not something I had seen before in any of my kids, so I rushed him to the urgent care. They took his pulse/ox and informed me that I needed to take him to the ER immediately. Fearing for his life, I took him to the hospital in good ol’ Hemet. By the time we arrived there, his only symptoms were a fever and a rough cough. They gave him some Tylenol, and we waited for over three hours in a room with other sick people. I finally decided that the best care for my son would be at home in his own bed. If he was still sick, I would take him to his doctor in the morning (which at this point, was only a few hours away.) I informed a nurse that we were leaving so they could take his name off the waiting list. One month later, I receive a bill for $50 from the hospital. The price of Tylenol has sure gone up.
So today, I notice that my almost 8 month old has a raspy cough and a rattling in her chest when she breathes. I debate within myself for a few minutes and finally call the doctor. (I like how Kaiser lets you talk to a nurse within the hour.) The nurse informs me that I have to take her in. Today. Monday . The appointment is after 3 o’clock and the office is 45 minutes away. If I don‘t hit the traffic getting there, I am sure to hit it coming back. This better be worth it.
Two hours and one co-pay later, I have my peace-of-mind. The baby’s fine. Whatever she has is viral. So how am I supposed to feel? Relief that my daughter does not have a serious illness? Or...embarrassment for having wasted so much time, money and gas? A little of both?
I think when it all comes down to it, we have to do what we feel is best for our kids. While I do not entirely regret taking my child to the doctor, I know that next time will be different. Each of these moments, we file away in our brain, prepared for their recurrence in the future. As mothers, we get to know our children. What is normal; what is not. While we do not take the place of modern medicine, God has designed us to have integral part in the caring for our sick children. I am thankful that He has chosen me for such a position.