Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Honor Roll

Jericho made the First Honor Roll for the first quarter. This means that his GPA was 98% or higher.
While we were expecting the honor roll award, we were surprised when Jericho also received Student of the Month for October.

Way to Go, Jericho!

Ransom's Fourth Birthday

I can't believe my little guy is now four! We had a great time with our extended family celebrating this milestone in Ransom's life.
Ransom and his best friend Danny now have the same Star Wars gun. It doesn't shoot anything (thank goodness) but the sound effects are annoying enough. Now we know what we put Danny's parents through!
This hat is perfect for Ransom!
This costume combines Ransom's favorite things: Batman, blue, and gloves.
The Bat signal.

Farmer's Fun Fest

The kids really loved the Farmer's Festival at our church this year. I'm not sure which they liked better the games or the big bags of candy they brought home!
Ransom and his best friend Danny try to eat the donuts on strings. (Danny actually chose to lick the donut. This made an easy victory for Ransom.)
Mercy totally disregarded the "no hands" rule.
Ransom and Danny decorating pumpkins. Ransom said that this was his favorite room.
After noticing all the people with their faces painted, Mercy really wanted something on hers. She did a very good job sitting still.
I think she liked it!
It's hard to tell, but Jericho has a football on the side of his face.
Hero won a Lego prize at the fishing game. She gave it to Ransom for his birthday. What a sweet sister!
Mercy and her friend Sarah enjoying their hot dogs and hot chocolate.


Daddy had "tons of fun" carving pumpkins with the kiddos. Hero chose a werewolf, Ransom a cat, and Jericho a dragon. Justin's favorite part was making an emergency trip to the store for replacement pumpkins ;-)

Mercy had a lot more fun playing with Ms Pumpkin Head. (She didn't like the flash on the camera! Thus, the closed eyes.)
For Justin's Birthday, I got him a giant marshmallow heart. After the pumpkin carving festivities, everyone got a piece of it.