Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Ramblings

There are various odds and ends that I have been meaning to post, but have not had the time or the energy to do so. Some brief rambles...
~Congrats to the nerd boy (aka my brother) on the purchase of a new home. Now all you need is a kid to put in it!
~Potty training is still in the works. Ransom can actually go to the potty by himself now, but he sometimes gets too distracted by what he is doing. He enjoys taking off his training pants by himself and throwing them away when he does go in them.
~Mercy is going to sleep fairly well, but has recently been waking up about 2 or 3 and staying awake. I sometimes only get about 4 hours of noncontinuous sleep. This is killing me.
~Hero's birthday is tomorrow, but we are planning on having a combined birthday party for her and Ransom at the end of the month. We are a little too busy right now, and she would like to invite friends this time so this is the only way that we can do it. More info to come on that one.
~Justin was finally able to schedule his appointment (for those of you who want to know.)
~We have been seriously battling ants around here. They just keep coming. I think they are immune to Terro bait and all the other poison we are throwing at them. Right now they are coming in through the electrical outlets in the kitchen. They go for any little spot on the floor. Oh yeah, they sometimes bite too!
~Jericho is still loving school. Hero is tired of writing her spelling words four times each for homework. (Mommy is tired of this too.) Ransom wants to go to school with the big kids. He loves it when we take Mitchell and Michael home.
~We have found it interesting that Ransom refers to himself in the first person. He will point to his photo and say "Ransom," but that is about the extent of him using his moniker. Most of the time he says, "I want" or "Let me do it" or my favorite, "Mine." He has been such a crack up to watch while he pretend plays. He loves to play with the little people.
~I have a friend from church in the hospital. She is very lonely and does not have any real family in the area. The doctors are running lots of tests on her, but they don't really know what is wrong with her. Please pray that God will give the doctors wisdom concerning her situation. Also pray that she will not be too lonely during this time. I am only able to visit, for short times each day, and I am not a big fan of the hospital she is in.
~Well, that is about it for now. Oh yeah, it is hot here. This time of year always makes me homesick for Oregon. Hopefully the Lord will bring us back there some day.
Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Doctor Visit

Well, it is just as we assumed. Ransom has eczema. I decided that since I had to take Mercy in for her checkup, I might as well schedule an appointment for Ransom too, just in case. My secret fear was that his rash was a form of premature skin cancer. Thankfully, no, just eczema. (I can blame his father for that one.)
Anyway, on to Mercy. She is 12 lbs 9 oz. She is in the 60 percentile. She is exactly half of Ransom's weight. She got 3 shots and an oral vaccination for Rotovirus. Normally, shots make my kiddos tired. It is actually something I enjoy (no, not seeing them in pain, but I like the break I get when they are sleeping.) Well, Mercy apparently did not get the memo. She did not sleep; she screamed all the way home. She screamed so much at home that I gave her another bath. Mercy loves baths. Unfortunately, they have to end some time and as soon as she was wrapped in the towel she howled again. I finally gave her some pain reliever. Now, even though she is sleeping, she wakes up periodically and cries. Poor thing. Pray that Mommy and Mercy will get some sleep.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Updates

The kids have been in school for almost a month now and we are finally getting into the swing of things.
Hero is getting used to her new teacher, and seeing all of her classmates again. She has a larger class than last year, but she doesn't seem to mind.
Jericho is loving kindergarten. He is so blessed to have his cousins in class with him. I think I need to come up with some new lunch ideas for him though. The other day he was sitting at the table eating breakfast when he asked me if we were almost out of bread. I informed him that we were well stocked on bread, and asked him why it mattered. He told me that if we don't have bread then he doesn't have to have any more sandwiches.
Ransom enjoys staying home with Mommy and watching Elmo. I can't stand Elmo, but since he loves this fuzzy, red monster so much, I put up with it. We are working on potty training him. He sometimes tells us, but most of the time he just starts taking off his clothes.
Mercy is doing a little better at night. She has been going to sleep with no problem. She usually wakes up about twice a night, but sometimes it is as many a four times. Mommy drinks lots of coffee in the morning!
Justin has started his Greek syntax class and his second year internship. Please pray that his boss will continue to give him the days off that he needs.
Well, hopefully that is enough to get everyone caught up a little bit. I will try to blog more often now that we have more of a set schedule, but no promises.


Mercy has been smiling for a few weeks, but she would never cooperate when I got the camera out. Here are some shots that I finally got.

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Jericho is learning to be courteous in Kindergarten. Here is his explanation of the drawing above...
"That's me (left stick figure), that's my teacher (right stick figure). On the wall there are lots of rocks, and one of the rocks fell off and hit my teacher in the head. I said, 'Are you okay?' That means courteous."
Glad to know I am raising such a well mannered son!
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School

Hero and Jericho started school today. Jericho was nervous but excited. I thought Hero was just excited. Jericho walked right into Kindercare (Kindergarten day care) and started playing. No worries for him. Hero on the other hand, was crying when I saw her in the morning assembly.
Ready for their first day.
Hero and her teacher
Hero's desk
Jericho was able to take a break from his playing to pose with his mommy.
Michael, Jericho, and Mitchell