Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Aquatic Center Photos

Ransom in the pool

Jericho braved the green tube slide

Hero makes a splash

Mercy is resting after cooling off in the water
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The Aquatic Center

Today we went to the Valley Wide Aquatic Center for the first time with some friends from church. The kids loved it, especially Hero. We went during the little kids swim time, so the big blue slide was not running. The kiddie area was enough for us.

Daddy and Mercy

This is right before Jericho sprayed me in the face.

Mommy and Ransom

The whole gang
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts During the Lord's Supper

I will admit it. My mind did wander during the serving of the Lord's Supper this past Sunday; but try to look past the weakness in my human state and bear with me. I was holding the baby, trying to keep her quiet, while focussing on repenting any sins that I might have committed. (Alright, so I was repenting of all the sin that had already shown itself that morning.) Anyway, the thought suddenly occured to me, "How am I going to pass the tray, while holding this child?" I started to formulate a plan in my head. "If it is passed from my left to my right, I will be okay, but right to left will be disaster." You see, my Grandma was sitting at my left and she would be able to pass the tray directly to the server. Somehow I didn't think it would work too well the other way around. Visions of Mercy covered in grape juice, flitted through my brain. I then proceeded to calculate which row the server would need to start on in order for my scenerio to work. Thankfully, through divine providence, the passing went just how I had hoped and Mercy was spared an infant's baptism.
As the cup was being passed in front of me, the kind gentlemen that was holding it must have sensed my apprehension. "Don't worry, I've got it," he whispered. It was then that I realized my insecurity was all for not. What I had neglected to take into account, was that I was not partaking of the Lord's Supper alone. I was with the body of Christ. One reason we observe communion as a congregation is to recognize corporately the sacrifice that has been made for us. As a gathered group of believers, we are reminded that no effort that we make on our own will save us. God has made us brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage and exhort one another. I am just glad I got the encouragement this day and not the exhortation. (I'm sure that will come after I publish this post.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Pics

Grandparents and Grandkids

Grandparents and Mercy

Grandpa teaching Jericho Slap-Jack

At the Bass Pro Shop
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More Pics from Grandparents' Visit

Jericho's birthday present: the Armor of God.

My little warrior

Ransom's Armor of God teddy bear.

Father and Son bonding time.
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Grandparents' Visit

Justin's parents came down this past week and were able to see Mercy for the first time. We had such a nice visit. Even though they just left yesterday, I am already missing my "baby holders."

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Camping Trip Pics from Jericho's Camera

Jericho's Camera

More Camping Trip Photos

These pics were taken at the playground at Hurkey Creek Campground.

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Camping Trip

Last week Justin took the three older kids on an overnight camping trip with some friends from church. While that alone would have been a daunting task, he also had to contend with a dirty toddler (still in diapers) and a five year old with gastrointestinal issues. Here a some photos from their trip.


Yes, there was lots of dirt.

The campsite

Their late night visitor.
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Friday, August 08, 2008

More Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese's... where a "kid" can be a kid.

Jericho finally goes down a tube slide. He has always been afraid of them before.

Ransom tries to attack the giant bugs.

Jericho thought this picture was so funny because the guy's tush was on fire.
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