Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair Today....

...gone tomorrow.
Jericho really did want his hair shaved off; Mommy just didn't want it so short. I was all for cutting his hair off for the summer, but I made the mistake of cutting it without the "cheaters." I normally cut Justin's hair and I never use a guide. So, when I started to cut Jericho's hair, I just took the razors and made a buzz right down the middle, starting in the front. At that point it was too late to do anything but cut the rest off too. Jericho loved it. Of course, Ransom had to have his done as well. Just like Daddy. Good thing they have such a handsome Daddy!

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Ransom Recents

Here are some pics of my wild two year old. He definitely has lots of energy, but he is getting better at channeling it (somewhat.) He seems to finally have the potty thing down, although he still has accidents from time to time. I am just glad to be diapering one kid. He plays really well with Mercy. She follows him around everywhere, like a little puppy. He is loving toward her in a rough sort of way. I especially enjoy listening to him explain things to her. I can see the role of a scapegoat in Mercy's future.

Ransom has gone back to taking naps again. I hope it means he is growing.

He loves jumping. Especially when Daddy is home to show off to.

For Ransom, every day used to be "crazy hair" day.
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Fingerprints Field Trip

A couple weeks ago, Jericho's class took a field trip to the Fingerprints Kid's Museum. I was happy that I was able to go along on this little excursion.

"Row, row, row your boat..."

Jericho and Michael climbing the rock wall.

My twin cousins, Mitchell and Michael. Hopefully this is not a glimpse of things to come.
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Easter '09

Well, I guess this is a case of better late than never... Truth is, I actually had a post ready to go with lots more Easter pics, but either the computer or the user (my bets are on the user) had issues that night. When I went back to edit the post, none of the photos were saved. Story of my life. Anyway, this is as close as we get to looking like a "happy" family.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Justin's New Blog

I will get the link up in my sidebar soon, but fyi, my husband has a new blog. You can check it out here.
I will try to get more photos up soon. We are actually having issues trying to get our photos off the camera. Yes, we tried taking the memory card out and putting it in the slot. That's not exactly the problem.

Monday, May 04, 2009

For Your Information...

Just to update you: we have decided to leave Hero at CCS for the next school year. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and encouragement!
Oh yes, and for total randomness:
Ransom is teaching Mercy how to pet the dog. He said, "Pet her gentle," then showed her how to do it. This coming from the boy who literally pounces on her whenever she is laying down.