Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fun Times

Ransom loves to watch Daddy as he writes his email.

I don't know how much Daddy enjoys it.

My two boys.
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Our Anniversary

For our seventh anniversary we took a trip down to San Diego to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. We went with my Mom, my sister, our pastor and his wife. Oh yes, and Ransom got to go too. It was quite the experience. (Ransom seemed more interested in the displays at the discovery center.) By the way, Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here are some recent comments by my son that I found humorous:

While wrapping a present for Grandpa Jericho asks when we are going to give it to him. I remind him that Christmas is coming up and that is what the present is for.
Jericho: "But I just want to give it to him."
Mommy: "We will, in five days when it is Christmas."
Jericho: (In the whiny voice.) "Oh, but five days is a really long time."

When I was driving my children home after they had an outing with my sister:
Jericho: "Aunt Heidi couldn't figure out how to open this thing." (Referring to Ransom's car seat.)
Mommy: "Did you help her?"
Jericho: "No, Ransom did."
Jericho: "Aunt Heidi is a crazy driver."
Mommy: "Really?"
Jericho: "Yeah, she doesn't know where she is going. "
Jericho: "She couldn't open the doors."
Mommy: "Did she figure it out?"
Jericho: "Yeah, it is hard to open doors with handles on them."

Later, once again describing the way Aunt Heidi drives:
Jericho: (Pretending to grab a steering wheel and steer right and left like a race car driver.) "Aunt Heidi does this, vroom, room, eeeehh!"

When asking Jericho if he would like Aunt Heidi to come over and watch him:
Jericho: "Yeah!"
Mommy: "Do you like Aunt Heidi?
Jericho: "Yeah..."
Mommy: "Is Aunt Heidi a lot of fun?"
Jericho: "Yeah, she lets us do anything we want!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season

It is that time of year for us. We are busy, but enjoyably so. Our Christmas performance is over. (I have since taken the practice cd out of the car and burned it.) Our shopping is almost all done. All of the presents are wrapped. The pre-Christmas parties are all finished. I even mailed out the Christmas cards this year. (Hopefully in time.)
The rest of this week will be spent cleaning the house, baking cookies, and celebrating our anniversary on Friday. I will also have fun keeping Ransom away from the presents. He has given up taking the ornaments off the tree; they are all too high for him now. He has moved on to ripping the bows off of the gifts.
On a side note, our tree once again came from Salem, Oregon (courtesy of Lowe's.) So even if we can't be there, we will have a little piece of Oregon with us this Christmas.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanksgiving Program

I know it is a little late, but here is Hero's Thanksgiving program at school.

Thanksgiving Pics

Heidi climbing the Centurion.

Justin is all ready to go.

The pink dot in the middle is Hero hanging upside down.

Yes, my son has socks on his hands.
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