Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here are some recent comments by my son that I found humorous:

While wrapping a present for Grandpa Jericho asks when we are going to give it to him. I remind him that Christmas is coming up and that is what the present is for.
Jericho: "But I just want to give it to him."
Mommy: "We will, in five days when it is Christmas."
Jericho: (In the whiny voice.) "Oh, but five days is a really long time."

When I was driving my children home after they had an outing with my sister:
Jericho: "Aunt Heidi couldn't figure out how to open this thing." (Referring to Ransom's car seat.)
Mommy: "Did you help her?"
Jericho: "No, Ransom did."
Jericho: "Aunt Heidi is a crazy driver."
Mommy: "Really?"
Jericho: "Yeah, she doesn't know where she is going. "
Jericho: "She couldn't open the doors."
Mommy: "Did she figure it out?"
Jericho: "Yeah, it is hard to open doors with handles on them."

Later, once again describing the way Aunt Heidi drives:
Jericho: (Pretending to grab a steering wheel and steer right and left like a race car driver.) "Aunt Heidi does this, vroom, room, eeeehh!"

When asking Jericho if he would like Aunt Heidi to come over and watch him:
Jericho: "Yeah!"
Mommy: "Do you like Aunt Heidi?
Jericho: "Yeah..."
Mommy: "Is Aunt Heidi a lot of fun?"
Jericho: "Yeah, she lets us do anything we want!"

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Mrs. Briget said...

There will come a day when you'll be able to to pay her back...hee hee hee. Now that my little sister has 2 children of her own, I remind her of those moments when she terrified me by the things my children reported to me. The terror I see on her face is priceless. Just use the words "pay back" A LOT.