Monday, January 28, 2008

Life Happenings

I know that it has been awhile since I have had a real post on here. Things have been rather busy around here lately. Everyone, with the exception of Justin, has been sick around here. The kids all had pink eye and various viruses and I have been having major sinus issues. The good news is that our insurance has kicked in just in time, so we have been making great use out of it. The ironic thing is that all last year I never had a need to see my doctor, but all of a sudden it is of the greatest necessity when our insurance is in limbo (we switched over to Kaiser, but had some hiccups in the process.)
I was finally able to have my first prenatal exam. I had put it off initially because I didn't want to get started with one doctor and then switch to another with the insurance change. Although the nurses were mortified that I had not seen a doctor yet, everything seems fine and the baby seems to be okay. I will have an ultrasound tomorrow to determine a due date. (I am too far along for them to determine in office.)
In other news, Justin has signed up for his first seminary class and will begin early next month. We are excited as he begins this new step in his life!
I will try to post some photos soon. The kids are growing and changing every day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Post

My husband has penned a new post; for all who are interested.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Uncle Joe Plays Rock Band

More from Jericho's Camera

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Jericho's Camera

These random photos were taken by Jericho, Micheal, and Mitchell with a Fisher Price camera. Whenever one of these guys points the lens in your direction, BEWARE!

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More Christmas Pics

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Third Day of Christmas: Part 2

We spent the rest of Christmas day at my parents' house where the kids had fun riding on the quads.

Jericho shows off his new Thomas suitcase.

Hero had no problem riding the quad. She loved it, although she almost gave her mother a heartattack on more than one occasion.

Jericho was terrified of the thing. He had no desire to ride even the smaller quad by himself.

Ransom and Daddy.
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Third Day of Christmas: Part 1

Christmas morning was a fun and relaxful time spent at home together.

Jericho and Hero get ready to open their stockings.

Ransom is not quite sure what is going on just yet.

Ransom is waiting patiently for the coffee cake to get done.
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The Second Day of Christmas

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandpa and Grandma Gehring's house.

Ransom loves the singing Chipmunk.

Hero loves her soft new coat.

Uncle John shows his new gift to Hero (holding the camera.)

Grandma "Choo-Choo" gets a surprise from Hero-in-the-box.
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First Day of Christmas

The First day of Christmas was spent at Grandma Gott's house on Sunday.

Hero and Sleeping Beauty.

Jericho watches Shem put his Lego ship together for him.

Yes, I'm related to them.

Grandma Gott got the picture she has always wanted.
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Making Christmas Cookies

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