Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School

Hero and Jericho started school today. Jericho was nervous but excited. I thought Hero was just excited. Jericho walked right into Kindercare (Kindergarten day care) and started playing. No worries for him. Hero on the other hand, was crying when I saw her in the morning assembly.
Ready for their first day.
Hero and her teacher
Hero's desk
Jericho was able to take a break from his playing to pose with his mommy.
Michael, Jericho, and Mitchell


Anonymous said...

the 3 moosekateers, Hero looks less unsure this year

Anonymous said...

I guess I haven't paid much attention to Hero lately :( She looks so much older in these pictures! Cute stuff! BTW, why does the desk BEHIND Hero have her name on the front, and the one she's sitting at have her name on the desktop? Hhhmmm...

JKP said...

The teacher kept getting Hero's stuff confused with the girl behind her whose name is "Hope." It might have been easier for her if they were a little farther apart.