Saturday, June 02, 2007

Edison Picnic

Grandma & Jericho ride the train.
Jericho had to jump on this jumper instead of the pink and purple castle because that one was "for girls."

Hero rides the pony.

Jericho's first pony ride.

Jericho and his spiderman balloon.

Hero and her little mermaid balloon. (Her face is painted like a kitty cat.)

Hero has a thing for reptiles.

This skink was fun to hold and it tickled her ear.

Jericho checks it out but won't hold it.

Like I said, she has a thing for reptiles.

Hero cooled off later by going on the waterslide. Jericho got his swimtrunks on, waited in line, but changed his mind at the last minute.

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Briget said...

Hero is much braver than I am. You wouldn't catch me touching ANY of thos BEASTS! I LOVE Jericho's t-shirt. Where was that picnic? Looks like a cool place. I love the picture of Hero on the pony. The background is beautiful.