Monday, June 11, 2007

Three Days Without Daddy, Day One

My husband is enjoying the wonderful opportunity of accompanying two of our pastors to the Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio, Texas. To read updates on that, click here.
While he is gone, Mommy is constantly reminded of the importance of a two parent household. My children, having stayed up late last night, were a little onery. However, they were not too bad throughout most of the day. When evening came, the lack of sleep from the night before caught up with them. We were about done. That is to say, Mommy was all done giving spankings and they were definitely done receiving them. We survived...barely. One day down, two to go.

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Briget said...

I know the feeling. I feel like that all during the day! I would die if I were a single mom. We're so blessed to have husbands!