Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Girl Next Door

Hero has a little friend next door. Her name is Jehaida, at least we think. (Hero called her Ohana for the longest time and the girl didn't seem to mind.) She is maybe four years old. This child comes to our door constantly. When we would let her come in to play, her brother would always come to the door five minutes later. Her brother is about seven. He would inform us that Jehaida was not allowed to be over here and that she is going to get in trouble. Sometimes the brother will come over with Jehaida and say that their Dad said it was okay. When this happens then the mom will yell over the fence or occasionally come over and get her. Their mom does not speak English very well so it has been hard to communicate. We have been letting Hero play with her in our front yard and in theirs so that her mom can still keep an eye on her if she wants. The problem seems to be that the child is a little escape artist. You can't just keep one eye on her; you need both. She came to the door at 10 this morning in her pajamas. Tonight she came to the door at a quarter to 9, again in her pajamas and eating a chocolate bar! I am glad that Hero has a friend close by but this child is driving me crazy.


Briget said...

I had that problem a while back. Just DON'T OPEN YOUR DOOR! Just kidding (sort of). A little girl used to come over & ask to play when all my kids were babies. I told her they were too young and they were napping anyway. (She ALWAYS came at nap time.) So she didn't give up. She'd say, "Well, can I play with you?" Uuhhhmm.... So I let her in & colored with her & did crafts a few times. Now she's 13 & we're really good friends with her parents. I guess she sort of brought us together. We thought her parents didn't like us when we first move there. These days I love to remind her of how annoying she was when she ws 4.

Anonymous said...

do you remember Micheal Bell would come over at all kinds of different hours and Jo would be so patient with him , so have some vertue