Thursday, June 21, 2007

Binky Update

We have been very successful with taking away the pacifier. Ransom has only had his pacifier once since I posted about taking it away. (It was that same night at 2 am.) He now tends to suck on his fingers or his thumb occasionally. This might just be because of teething but I am not sure.
This seems to be the best age to take it away because he is too young to ask for it. Hero was two when we weaned her from the binky and it was extremely difficult.


Anonymous said...

7 months old and no binky and standing the kid is almost college bond

Anonymous said...

bound not bond

Lisa B. said...

That is awsome! I sooo wish I would've taken Evan's away that early. We're still fightin the good fight with the poopy paci. Good for you!

Anonymous said...