Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, we were able to have a relaxing break from the kids. (Thank you to Grandma for watching them.) The weather was not so bad only 104 on Wednesday. The place that we stayed at was beautiful and comfortable. I would like to say that the trip was perfect...well, almost. Early this morning I woke up to hear a woman crying. Since I had to go to the bathroom anyway, I got up and being nosy, looked through the peep hole. Right outside our door were two women, one crying hysterically, and a police officer. I then overheard something about a coroner and an investigation. Of course now fully alert, I go and tell my husband this information. Now that he is awake he can fight off any murderers that might be lurking about. After a brief attempt at getting regaining sleepiness, I am back at the peep hole. It turns out that husband one of the lady's passed away from a seizure of some sort. This occurred in the room right next store to us. There were only two other couples besides us in the inn, so imagine the chances of this! Finally, after getting to the bottom of his mystery we both fell back to sleep. We were given one last scare when someone attempted to open our door at 4:30 am. Guess they had the wrong room. In the end, our mini-vacation was not exactly restful but definitely exciting.


Krista said...

Glad you got a chance to get away - but what a situation to run in to! That poor lady. Hope you're well rested to take on the kiddos again! :)

bethany said...

At least you go 'some' rest. And that is a story. I would have woke up my husband also.