Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hummingbird Bully

This evening while I was fixing dinner I glanced out my window to admire the hummingbirds taking in their evening meal. I watched as a hummingbird zoomed in and stopped to rest on the chimes that are next to the feeder. I was quite intrigued since I have never seen one do this before. To my dismay, the hummingbird did not fly over and eat. Instead it sat there until another hummingbird came close then dive bombed the poor thing. The pint sized bully continued this until finally, I had had enough. I went out the door to scare it away, but it just sat there. Eventually, when I came too close for it's comfort, it alighted. Instead of flying off however, it just hovered next to the feeder. I came in closer, trying to scare it off. It soared off near the tree. But it didn't hide in the tree like most of them do, it circled around and seemed to come after me. I must admit that I was a little taken aback. I didn't run, but I did put my hands up to try and block my face. Well, apparently that was enough to make it run, but not too far. He hid up in the tree while I stood on the ground yelling and clapping my hands at it. As soon as I was back inside it went back to guarding the feeder. Alas, I was forced to spend my dinner and the rest of the evening watching the hummingbird bully pick on his fellow species.

(This is not actually the real bully. I was too scared to take a picture of it. This is from a few nights ago. Justin took it and he did a much better job than I have ever done.) Posted by Picasa


bethany said...

What a story!! I have also been attacked by a is a scary thing. But good job trying to protect the 'lesser' bird.

D.L.Gott said...

twice now,I hate computers!
I have tried to tell you they can be bullies and territorialand syrup hogs

Heromom said...

Now I know where Hero got the term "Hummingbird Pigs."

D.L.Gott said...

it's humming pigs but yeah I'm sure it came from this part of the valley. Whats with nothing new for a few, I am in withdrawal mode