Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fifth Month Checkup

Today at my doctor's appointment I asked my doctor about having a birth plan. Not because I am too concerned about the delivery itself, more because of the duration of time that my child will be away from me afterwards. Unlike Oregon, where all measurements and tests are done in the same room as you, the hospitals here will actually whisk the baby away from you to have all this done in the nursery.
Anyway, when I mentioned birth plan, my doctor immediately launched into telling me what must be required (IV, Monitor, etc.) She then proceded to tell me that they try hard to accomodate my wishes. This was nice to know since last time I had no idea of what to expect down here. Apparently she thought that I was some sort of conservative nut (well, I may be to some degree, but not where giving birth is concerned.) It was almost as if she believed I was going to try to have this child on my own and she was considered back up. Needless to say, she seemed quite relieved when I mentioned that I was more concerned about what would happen to the baby after it had been born. Well, the best part about all this is that this has been the longest conversation I have had with my doctor so far. She even sat down while she was giving me all this information. So, other than finding out that I had gained three pounds, it was actually a fairly good check up.


D.L.Gott said...

I'm happy you had a good check up,3 pounds bah, I can gain that in a day and I can not get pregnant

bethany said...

glad to hear the check-up went well. I haven't even thought about a birth plan. I just figure one day in Sept she will be here. :) :)