Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For my birthday, we surprised the kids by taking them to Legoland. It was the perfect day to go due to the fact that it was a school day and kind of rainy. It was so nice to get away as a family and spend time together. It was also nice that I wasn't pregnant and could actually ride the rides. Legoland was perfect for Hero and Jericho as most of the rides were designed for their age group. Unfortunately, Ransom was unable to go on about 90% of the rides due to his height. He could go on some rides with an adult, but I couldn't go on with the baby so we had to do a lot of kid shuffling. We actually got in for pretty cheap. We only paid for parking and one adult ticket. Hero and Jericho are in the Brickmaster's Club. The cost of membership is less than the cost of admission. The kids get a Lego set every other month. The membership comes with a "free" ticket which can be used by an adult or child. We had a coupon from one of their magazines that gave a free child admission with a paying adult so we were set.

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SSquyres said...

Can adults join? I LOVE Legos!!

JKP said...

Yes, adults can join too ;-)