Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lack of Blogging

Yes, I know, it has been a while. I was keeping a running list of blog posts in my head, but the longer I put off blogging the longer the list got and the less I wanted to blog. So, I have decided to skip them all. Most of you have Facebook anyway and have already seen the Christmas and Disneyland photos. Here are some short updates of what is happening in our lives:
1. The rabbit ran away (or was eaten.)
2. Jericho made student of the month (again) for December.
3. Justin is just starting his second year of Seminary classes. Lots of reading ahead for him.
4. I just had my 30th birthday. Yes, I feel old (but at least I am not the father of a 30 year old.)
5. I have been looking for ways to live more frugally. Does this have something to do with the economy? Probably, although we have always been making small steps in this area. I think the current financial conditions are just a catalyst.
6. We have been trying to live chemical free whenever possible. This means going to all natural products whenever possible. It also has to fit in with our frugal living, so at times it can be a struggle. For the most part, I am amazed at the ways we save money by choosing natural over chemical. Usually it just means a little more work on my part. Our goal is to be good stewards with all of God's provisions, not just the monetary ones.
7. I have stopped using shampoo. (See above for reason) Yes, I still wash my hair. Just not with the chemical laden shampoo. So far I am not too satisfied with the results. Apparently your head has to go through a chemical detox when you stop using shampoo. That is where I am at right now. We'll see if this experiment works out.
8.We will be making a trip up to Oregon for Easter break. For us that is the week before Easter. (I know, weird.) If we don't get to see everyone then, don't worry, we plan on being back up there in August too. I can't believe I did not get to see that beautiful state at all last year. I am in withdrawal.

That's about it. I will post some photos of our recent outing to Legoland as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

One question , what is wrong with being the father of a 30 year old? Or do you mean the father of this 30 year old? xxxooo

Krista said...

Cute Legoland pics! I have a friend who's doing the same thing with her hair... she almost went crazy going through the "detox" phase, but now her hair looks incredible!

Are we crossing paths in August? We'll be down in San Diego the 10th-16th for my brother's wedding.