Thursday, July 10, 2008

When Temptation Strikes

The thing about temptation is that it usually comes unexpectedly. Yes, there are times when you place yourself right in the path of a tempting situation (such as going to the grocery store right before you eat lunch, then giving in to the urge to buy the ready made food that is not on your list.) But those times are easier to guard against. I think that it is easier to give in to temptation when you are caught unaware.
For example, today I ran into Target to buy some diapers and other household items. I successfully managed to buy only the items that I had gone in for. When the cashier gave me the total, I was pleasantly surprised at the low price. As I walked toward the exit, I glanced at my receipt to see which items had been on sale. To my surprise, only two of the items were listed along with a coupon that I had used, yet all of my items were bagged up and in my cart. This is where temptation struck. You would think that being the godly woman that I am, my first thought would be to rectify this situation immediately. However, instead of turning my cart back to an open register and paying for the un-rung items, I actually considered this my good fortune, and continued heading for the exit. Thankfully, by God's great mercy, the guilt of my sinful thoughts overtook me. Instead of the exit, I went to the courtesy desk; I even considered the long wait my penance.
I write this as a reminder, that we have not yet attained perfection. My daily struggles with sin remind me of the following passage:
Not that I have already obtained it,or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:12


mindy said...

Thanks for sharing that, Kara. It is a true struggle to fight our sin nature. Thankfully, Christ's strength helps us through.

I definitely have to say that this post is funny coming right after the post about your daughter's sticky fingers. :) It just made me smile.

Peters said...

I know, I think it is God's way of keepping me humble!

bethany said...

I have had the same temptations and felt the same pull. Good for you to follow the spirit, but the pull is hard.

Briget said...

This reminds me of a commercial: A sweet, innocent-looking lady looks at her reciept as she's leaving the store. She speeds up, looking around to see who's watching her. When she's outside she starts funning & yells to her husband "START THE CAR!" She thinks she got away with something because of the low price. It really is funny. I'm going to think of you every time I see it now :D

I'm proud of you friend!