Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sticky Fingers

Lately we have been having issues with Hero and lying. She is quite adept at it really. She can change her story at the drop of a hat. She'll even add in details to make it seem like she is telling the truth. Yes, she inherited her mother's sin nature, that's for sure.
While lying has been an ongoing problem, stealing has not. She used to take the occasional toy from a friends house or Grandma's, but we thought this issue had long been resolved. Apparently not. Yesterday, while at the store with Grandma she managed to snatch a little beanie baby. Then came the intricate web of lies. When I came to pick her up, I realized the toy was new. She said she had brought it from home. When pressed further, she said she had received it as a prize from church. When asked again, she said she had found it under her uncle's bed. When we asked her uncle, the truth finally came out.
We set off for the store, lecturing her about lying, stealing, and sin the whole way. She kept crying and asking about how long she was going to be in prison. (We never told her she was going to prison, but she new this is what happened to people who stole from Daddy's store.)
She walks in with Daddy and talks to the manager on duty. I don't know if it was due to Hero's uncontrollable crying or lack of experience with children or both, but he replied to Hero confession with, "That's okay."
Needless to say, we made very clear that it was not okay. Hero also spent the rest of the evening filling a box with toys to give away.
Ah the joys of parenthood. I suppose this is payback for what we put our parents through.


Anonymous said...

Don't take all the credit, your parents passed the the sin nature on to you(especially Dad) . It is a good learning time,be sure your sins will find you out

bethany said...

WOW!!! That is quit a story. I hope that she will learn her lesson quickly. And yes...parenting is super fun sometimes.....