Tuesday, July 03, 2007


When I was in college, there was always a debate over whether cola was called "soda", "pop", or just "coke" in general. Since moving to California, my husband has even become accustomed to saying "soda". All this to say that I was surprised the other day when my son started saying "pop". Where on earth did he learn that? Any Californian knows that it is "soda" or maybe "coke" but never "pop"! I feel like I have failed my children. I quickly informed Jericho that it was to be called "soda". He looked utterly confused. I gave in, a little. "You may call it 'soda-pop." I informed him. "Okay. Soda-POP!" He answered, with great emphasis on the "pop".
By the way, thank you, Great-Grandma, for teaching him to say "pop". You have more influence on them than you realize.


bethany said...

Moving around most of my life, I understand that some say 'coke' or 'pop' or 'soda.' So, I have come to the conlustion to call it 'soda-pop'. It is very cute of their little brains work that way.

Anonymous said...

pop is a persons Dad

Anonymous said...
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Briget said...

Well I, for one, can't stand it when people call all soda Coke. Coke is a brand name, not just any carbonated beverage. Some people in my family call it Coke and I have to bite my tongue.

Pop...eehhh. I call it soda, but to each his own. JUST DON'T CALL IT COKE UNLESS IT IS COKE.