Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Plastic Pool 2

The plastic pool that took me forever to find last year almost made it to this summer. Unfortunately it became cracked on one of our child watching nights. (It was placed on the trampoline with about six kids inside pretending it was a boat.) So, this year I didn't have to look too hard. When I tried Walmart and discovered it was sold out, I headed right over to True Value where I had bought the last one. They had a bunch with three different styles from which to choose. (There is my sales pitch.) Ransom loved it! Of course so did his sister and brother. They were anxious for him to get out so I would put more water in the pool. It looks like Ransom has figured out that when a camera is pointed in his direction he needs to cheez it up. Take note, in the last photo you can see that his tooth has finally broke through. You can click on the picture to enlarge it if need be.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your kids are getting big... and still as cute as ever. I hope all is well. If you talk to your dad in the near future, tell him I've got some news for him. My xanga site is still up and running, he can leave me a comment there.
--Nathan Ohta

Anonymous said...

Wiggle worm,
Nathan is right your kids are cute,
and since he reads this I'll let him know I can not get on xanga at work anymore so I will have to figure the home computer out and will try to read up

Briget said...

Uuummm...Did my kids break it?

Peters said...

No, Briget, it wasn't your kids.