Friday, July 20, 2007


Bible Lesson time

My Tribe of Dan

Getting Ready for the closing on the last night.

Singing one final song.

Our theme for VBS this year was Galilee by the Sea. Each grade was divided into a tribe. I taught the tribe of Dan (aka first graders.) Jericho was in the tribe of Gad. Instead of having VBS towards the end of the week thus leading into games on Saturday and a short program on Sunday, we had a mid-week program this time around. In years past, our numbers drastically go down on the last day. This time it seemed that our numbers stayed steady and maybe even increased due to the fact that our last day was Thursday. It was great to see a lot of non-church member kids attend. The kids received a good presentation of the gospel in both the Bible study time and the music time. For me personally, I enjoyed having the privilege of teaching the tribe that Hero was in. Jericho, of course, was very proud that he was in the tribe of Gad. He was very excited each night that he attended "MVS ".
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