Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, it turns out that our house is marked for the Nielsen (sp?) ratings system. The problem, we don't have tv. That is, we have a tv we just don't get any reception whatsoever. The Nielsen lady informed me that it had been 6 months since she last came by and she wanted to know if anything had changed. I did mention to her that we do purchase some shows to watch via Itunes but I think this just confused her. Apparently you are only eligible for the ratings system if you have dish or cable. I think that it says more about a show if you are willing to pay for it per episode. (Yes, I know that you can watch "Lost" for free on the website, but it is really much better to see it on the entire screen without interruptions.)

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Bret Capranica said...

Kara, let's see some pics of Cozy the true master of your home.