Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This Week

Well, this week has been quite busy, so I will try to give some brief updates about what has been going on.
Ransom had his appointment with the urologist. Great news, the hydrocele appears to be going away on it's own. Hopefully it will completely go away by his next appointment in October.
Also, I was able to enroll Hero at Community Christian School. I was glad that I got there early since there were only two spots left. I got one and the lady behind me got the other. Now hopefully Hero will test well enough to get into first grade.
Hero had her physical and TB shot. This went as well as could be expected since Hero's greatest fear in life is a needle. Unfortunately she also had to get a blood test as well. She screamed so loud for this part that she didn't even notice the needle being inserted. In fact, after it was over she said that the lady hadn't even used a needle. Glad we got all worked up for that.
Usually this is such a busy day for me but since preschool was canceled and we didn't have church tonight, it was not so bad. I had an eye exam and the kids were watched by my grandparents. The exam went quickly and I was able to visit with them afterward.
The biggest mistake of my day was letting my kids play with play-doh. As some of you may recall, this is not my favorite kid pastime. I was operating under the assumption that this would be a good activity to develop their fine motor skills. Of course the baby decided it was time to eat while they were playing. I wrongly assumed that they would be okay on their own. Did you know that if you add enough water to play-doh it becomes just like clay? I found this out the hard way.
That's this week so far. Much more fun times to come.

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Anonymous said...

I have always hated needles it was worse as a kid so Hero can blame me for passing on to her the needle fear. As to playdoh I was never any good with it so I did not play with it much ( yes there was playdoh way back then