Thursday, April 08, 2010


This is Ransom's "Guy". For a while, this was his favorite stuffed animal. (I oppose calling him a doll. I can't bring myself to say that my son plays with dolls.)
Recently, Ransom has been afraid to be in his room alone. He keeps saying that he hears something. I attributed this to the fact that his room shares a wall with the washing machine. However, the other night, Ransom came in to my room, with his "Guy". He said that this fuzzy-headed creature was attempting to eat him. After tucking him back into his bed, he refused to allow "Guy" to be in his bed.
The next day, he once again commented about hearing something in his room. This time he told me that it was "Guy" saying, "I'm going to chomp you!" To remedy the situation, I put "Guy" up in my closet. Unfortunately, this was not good enough. Ransom could still "hear" him. Thus the tape over his mouth. Problem solved.

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Jodi Rae said...

Kara!!!! I haven't stopped laughing since I read this! Oh. My. Goodness. Lol!