Friday, August 07, 2009

Camping Oregon

For our family camping trip this year, we met the rest of the Peters' clan at a campground east of Eugene. We were looking forward to the cool Oregon weather and lush, green forest. It was definitely pretty, but it was pretty hot too. Oregon was experiencing a heat wave! We still had a great time visiting with family and the kids got plenty dirty. Some highlights of the trip: Mercy started walking ~ finally, Jericho lost his second tooth, a deer came into our campsite, all the kids enjoyed playing in the river, and Mommy got some yummy blueberries on the way home.

Our campsite. Loved all the tall trees...the biting flies, not so much.

The Cougar Reservoir. No, we didn't swim in it.

Another view.

Mommy didn't get too close to the edge. This is overlooking the other side of the dam.
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