Saturday, June 13, 2009

Into the Wilderness

My husband is very concerned about the health and well being of his family. In order to ensure our fitness and also to create some family togetherness time, he took us all out to the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. By the end of this "quality" time. I am sure he had a lot more sympathy for Moses.

This is toward the end of our journey. Right after we saw the coyote. This encouraged the kids to walk faster. No one wanted to be at the end of the line; just in case the coyote was especially hungry.

This is actually at the beginning of the hike. Notice the happy faces.

Yes, Jericho is carrying a purple backpack (with Tinkerbell on it!) No, Ransom is not practicing to be a rapper. I think he just likes to look like his Uncle Jonathan.

Hero and her tiny frog. This was one of the redeeming qualities of our trek.
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mindy said...

Ok, you just made me actually LOL at your comment about Ransom practicing to be a rapper. Haha. He does look like one there! Sounds like you had an experience. ;)