Thursday, April 30, 2009


We've been faced with a few challenges these past few weeks. The first major one was Justin's job. Right after we came back from vacation, he was told that he would be transferring to Palm Springs to open the big new store. This was a difficult transition for us. We have been rather spoiled having Justin work so close to home. We now see this as God making His leading more evident in our lives, although at first we were very uncertain of where His path was taking us. Please pray for Justin as he continues with his schooling, internship, work, and also his safety as he travels.
Another decision that has arisen is one that I thought we had pretty much settled. We decided to home-school Hero and leave Jericho at CCS for one more year. We have now been given the opportunity to leave both of the children at CCS for only a little bit more than it would have cost if we home-schooled Hero. While financial issues were not the main reason we were home-schooling, we are thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity. Other factors have arisen that are leading us to this decision. Please pray for us in this issue. Our decision needs to be made very soon and we are still weighing our options. We want to glorify God in all areas of our life including the way we educate our children.


Anonymous said...

Always praying for you 6

Karyn Reed said...

We will be praying as you make your decision. Oh, and I wanted you to know that I do not suggest homeschooling one and sending one to school if you have a choice. We did that. You work all day with the one at home and then the other comes home and you have to do homework with them and you are all tapped out. Between working with the homeschooled one and shuttling the other one back and forth to school it consumes your whole day. We much prefer to either have both in school or homeschool both.