Monday, February 25, 2008

Making Money

Hero is becoming a world class tooth-puller-outer. You don't even know she has a loose tooth until she is in the bathroom working on it. Five minutes later she has yanked the tooth out. She has pulled out a total of four so far. We are slightly worried that she might be ripping them out to get money. Hero, of course, knows that Daddy is the one that puts money under her pillow. We have been completely upfront with our kids concerning things like this. However, Jericho doesn't seem to understand the whole tooth-under-the-pillow thing.
Sunday afternoon when I went to lay down for my nap, I found under my pillow a coffee scoop. I had no doubt who put it there (Jericho had been pretending it was a spaceship earlier) but I didn't know why it was there. When I asked my son about it, he replied shyly, "I was just trying to make you some money."


Briget said...

That's genious!! I'm gonna knock out some teeth AND put my coffee scoop under my pillow & see what I make out with.

bethany said...

That is really cute. I sounds like Jericho is quit the little character. That keep a mommy hopping.