Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Electric Bill

(Disclaimer: My father's works for Edison and I am thankful for electricity. Especially in the summer.)
Last month we had the highest electric bill we have ever had. (Except for that $3000.00 one but that was an error of course.) Since our meter has been read wrong in the past, I had my husband check it. I compared this with the number on our bill, and perceiving a discrepancy, I called up customer service. The woman that I spoke with on the phone said the the reading was accurate. We'd had "record breaking heat over labor day" and this must be the cause. This was rather fishy to me considering that we were gone for about four days during this billing cycle. Also, last year when we had "record breaking" temperatures all summer long, (I was pregnant, so that ac was blasting constantly) our Edison bill was never over a hundred dollars. The customer service rep proceeded to inform me that I would be receiving some information on how to conserve energy and that I should set my thermostat at the temperature that it was already set at.
Throughout this past month, I have received various energy conservation pamphelets and a note from Edison once again affirming the high labor day temperatures. I read over each one carefully. I realized that aside from replacing all my windows, installing solar panels on my roof, and getting all new appliances, I was doing the best I could. So, why the high bill?
This month our bill was only $8.72. Our lowest ever. If you add the two bills together and divide them by two, this amount is what we average for a normal month. Hmm...

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