Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nine Month Check-Up

Here are the stats from Ransom's nine month check-up:
Height-28" ~ 25%
Weight- 18lbs 9 oz ~ 25%
So, he's a little small for his age. At least he is growing. In other exciting news, he took a few steps on his own a few nights ago. Unfortunately, I was not there to see his first steps. He started walking in the nursery. When we came home, he would only take a couple steps for his Daddy. Now, he doesn't even want to stand up. I think he is afraid we will try to make him walk. Right now, it is so much faster for him to crawl.

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bethany said...

Congrats to Ransom. Although he is small he looks really healthy. I guess we have two small babies on our hands.