Friday, October 27, 2006


Well, apparently the "false" contractions that I have been having are not exactly false. I am now at 2 cm and things are thinning out. Hopefully the baby won't see this as a sign that he needs to come out. He just has to hang on for four more days.
In other news, Jericho has a nice bite mark on his cheek. No, it wasn't a rabid dog; it was the more dangerous wild Hero.
The large fire that is just over the mountains is still raging. Thankfully the wind was blowing more to the west so the ashes were not as bad today. The kids were still covered with the stuff after they played outside, though.
That is all the exciting news for now. Hopefully nothing too wonderful will happen until next Wednesday.

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D.L.Gott said...

came in thru Justins blog.
It is great to read your stuff, Hero bit her brother huh, like Mother like daughter. Oh by the way no fires in Lambs Cayon at 5 am but there is lotsa smoke , if it were not for the odor you would think it is fog